Certificate for the purpose of assisting the recognition of a Flemish qualification abroad

If you want to have your Flemish qualification declared equivalent abroad, you can contact the NARIC Centre of that country. It will provide all the information on the procedure to be followed. The addresses of these centres can be found at the ENIC-NARIC website.

If you want to use your Flemish qualification abroad and are required to provide information, you use:


The diploma supplement:

A document issued in Dutch (in English on request) for each qualification that is awarded by a Flemish university or university college. This document has a European format and contains information on the studies undertaken (work placements, thesis, student workload, study experiences abroad during training, etc.) and on the Flemish higher education system.

The diploma supplement can only be delivered by the institution that awarded the diploma

A statement in Dutch or English by NARIC confirming that your diploma:

  • is recognised in Flanders.
  • was issued by an accredited institution for secondary education, higher education or adult education in Flanders.

NARIC does not issue certificates that mention teaching rights for holders of Flemish teaching qualifications who want to work abroad. Since March 2017, you can contact AgODi.


How to apply for a statement

Send NARIC a copy of your Flemish diploma, diploma supplement and your identity card (or your national number). If you do not have a Belgian national number, provide us with your current address.

Indicate whether you want to receive the certificate in Dutch or in English. Send your request by e-mail to naric.attesten@vlaanderen.be This service is free of charge.