Information on the recognition of qualifications from Ukraine

Information for holders of qualifications from Ukraine

If you wish to study at an educational institution in Flanders, please contact the educational institution directly.

If you want to work in Flanders or Brussels, you only need a recognition of your qualification:

  • for a job in the public sector or to practice a regulated profession (e.g. doctor, nurse)
  • when the employer explicitly asks for it

If you have a temporary protection certificate (attest van tijdelijke bescherming), we take into account that you may not be able to submit all supporting documents. We do need at least one piece of evidence showing that you completed your education in Ukraine. You can apply for recognition free of charge.

Apply for recognition 

Information on the Ukrainian education system

Information on the education system in Ukraine and the Ukrainian system compared to the Flemish education system (in Dutch).

General Information from Onderwijs Vlaanderen

General information from Onderwijs Vlaanderen (in Dutch)